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Liberation; A Love Song - Susan Watts
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Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn

Featuring the KlezDispensers

This song. a lullaby to the mishegas, pays homage to my desire to lull our mishegas to sleep. The lyrics I wrote are to a beautiful waltz, traditionally played at the end of Jewish affairs to signal the end of the night or the soup from 1920-1960 in Philadelphia. The name of the traditional song is," A Good Night", or in Yiddish, "A Gut Nakht", This new title is, "Good Night Mishegas."

Originally produced by the Philadelphia Folklore Project this  fun exploration of the Yiddish word mishegas will surely put a shmekhl (smile) on your face. The Original production has been edited by Susan Watts and Bradley Siegel.

During the pandemic, Intercultural Journeys, an organization that supports the music of various cultures, produced vignettes, little concerts and conversations with Philly artists. I was honored to be one of the artists. Here is the docu-concert they produced of me.

Chasidishe Freilach - Susan Watts
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Romanian Bolgar - Jacob Hoffman
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The Wonder Women of Klezmer at the Lowell Folk Festival.

Lakeleh - Jacob Hoffman
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Eateleh - Bonus Track - Jacob Hoffman
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